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The Hotel


Our hotel is located beneath the old castle garden right in the town centre of Braunfels. You can see the picturesque castle from the upper tower rooms ("Turmzimmer") and it is less than 500m away. A stay in our Schlosshotel offers you best service, an inspiring atmosphere, idyllic sights and a great location to explore the area.


The 30 rooms are individually furnished and equipped with bathrooms (shower/toilet or bathtub/toilet), satellite tv, phone and free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel area. Free and shady parking space in front of the hotel provides easy access. Alongside the hotel restaurant you can relax at our cozy hotel bar, the terrace or the romantic backyard garden. Three conference rooms in the quiet back site of the hotel are ideal for an inspiring working atmosphere.


The Schlosshotel was built in 1886 of diorite and sandstone in a neo-gothic style. It was designed by the architect Carl Seiler who also worked for the Prince of Solms-Braunfels at his castle on from 1883. Johann Ferdinand Witkop took the hotel at rent in 1893 and finally bought it in the year of 1908. It is run as family business ever since. The hotel accomodated some famous guests such as members of the house of Hohenzollern and the young Franklin D. Roosevelt who probably is the best known: In 1891, 40 years before being elected as president of the US, he spent some time in our hotel after a health resort treatment. The hotel is full of history and charming atmosphere.


First mention of Braunfels was in 1246 and with its old town, considered cultural heritage. It surely is among the most beautiful hessian small towns. Many places of interest alongside the town and the river Lahn valley are easy to reach. When do you give us a visit? We are looking forward to welcoming you!